The dedicated valet team at MCS Performance will bring back that showroom shine to your pride and joy with our extensive range of professional valet services. From quick cleans to full luxury valets, we offer a wide selection of valet options to suit all needs. Booking a valet with us couldn't be simpler, just get in touch or visit us in Colchester to discuss your valeting needs and arrange a time and date that's convenient for you.


Consisting of full safe wash of vehicle exterior, door shuts and engine bay, Followed by multiple-stage decontamination of the paint. Including fallout remover, clay bar and Tar removal. Followed by a single stage machine polish to remove 75%-80% of swirls and minor defects in the clearcoat of your paint. But on top of this vastly improving the gloss and clarity of the paint. This is all protected with a 1-year protective ceramic coating to give you incredible gloss and protection as well as excellent self-cleaning properties making your wash routine that much easier

FOR NEARLY NEW VEHICLES OR GOOD CONDITION Small £240 Medium £300 Large £350 4x4 £400

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Multiple stage correction. This consists of a full safe wash of the vehicle including door shuts and engine bay. Multiple stages of paint decontamination including fallout remover, clay bar and Tar remover. A heavy cutting compound is used to remove the deeper imperfections in the paintwork as well as swirls in the paint. This is followed by a refinement machine polish, this is to ensure the paint is finished to almost perfection, gloss levels increase massively and overall clarity is vastly improved. These stages will see 85%+ correction to your vehicle depending on condition etc. This is followed by a 3 layer ceramic coating, A base layer of 9h ceramic coating is laid down onto every panel giving it the protective layer your vehicle needs, followed by 2 layers of a top coating, this is to ensure the paint works has the deep gloss and clarity it deserves, and to give hydrophobic properties on the paint while being easy to maintain in the future.

This is the ultimate package for your vehicle when it comes to correction and protection.

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MCS Serum, Ceramics & Detailing Combined 5 - 7 Days: This is all of the above with a 4-stage MCS Special Serum & then Overcoat. We use special non-touch drying systems and anti-static. The costs of the equipment and products used are more than the step 2 - 3. It's very different results if you love your car and are just as enthusiastic as we are it's worth every penny. The list for this and time spent is eminence we have a wiz at paint correction who does all of the supercars for shows and famous representation we are not allowed to name, but there are some very nice RED cars and also maybe the fastest cars in the world with this Four Step. We are so lucky to have teamed up with such a perfectionist and enthusiast of paint correction. Just know it's the most work your vehicle will have done to its bodywork in its lifetime guaranteed. This also includes an edited video with the message of your choosing for a Birthday, Christmas or any special occasion to really show off your car.

FOUR STEP DETAIL DURATION 5 - 7 DAYS: Small £1500, Medium £1600, Large £1800, 4x4 £2000

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12+ STEP OLD-TO-NEW 3 WEEKS - 2 MONTHS: £3000 - £5000 +

12-STEP or more. This includes repainting, dent removal, wheel refurbishment, paint replacement, 3 coats min. Same as the manufacturer's guidelines or better, no undercover. This is what it says. You bring a car in and any mark inside or out is repaired, even seats are recovered if needed, this is all our resources put to one and lots of organisation as good people are booked up always so no stress for you, It's the ultimate resort. It can be done to whatever level you need, also panels can be ordered and replaced if needed, only using the best people in the business.


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